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Tony Robbins Quotes

The path to success is to lead a motivational life with no second thoughts of giving up. Growing much determination every single day without losing enthusiasm. Knowing that one knows nothing and opening the heart and the mind to all the experiences either bad or good ones. Determining that no matter what happens, there is always tomorrow with  new sunrise. Being sure that successful people went through a lot that we can not even imagine to be those successful persons we hear about. Never giving up hope is a basic because either we believe it or not, miracles happen every day.

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Challenges build our strength

God won't make us face challenges unless we are strong enough to handle them. He know we can do it, but there are things we need to learn and master first, we keep on failing and the challenges are getting harder, this is because the way we are handling them are not all we have got, there is still more deep in there if you dig more, we are stronger than we seem or we even realize. He loves His people, He loves them asking Him to give them what they want. He knows us the most because He is the creator and the creator always values His creation and hear their gratitude with orayers, if we think this is cruel, then we are ignorant of God's Mercy and this is our fault for not learning more about Him, if we think we can't do it, then we don't know our inner strength and what we are capable of doing and if we were to object, disobey and refuse to accept the reality, then we are the losers; what is destined to happen will happen even if we don't accept that or believe it…

The Key To Success: Top 14 Success Quotes

Very big dreams

It's very healthy to have very big dreams that make you think at times that this is the impossible itself, that scare you and then give you the power to recharge your soul with hope. And the most important is that this means that you will succeed for sure either soon or later.

Start you dreaming plans.Who knows, after ten years from now, perhaps you will be shining at the top of the ladder of the magical word: SUCCESS. Miracles happen when we believe that we are the materials of those miracles and only us can do them!

Tony Robbins: 3 Of The Best Success Sayings

Three of the best of what Tony Robbins said about success.

Until you allow it to happen, nothing will happen

And at one moment , just in a blink of eye, things will change. The far away dreams will be the unbelievable reality and the word impossible will surprisingly be possible.
-Do you believe that? *No
-why? *Because miracles can happen anywhere but not here near me.
-You seem to be a pessimist!  *No, I'm just reasonable!
-You are healthy and can do much more than what you see!  *No, I have a lot of health problems and I dont have motivation. I always feel I'm doomed.
A common dialog between me or you or anyone with oneself. But we always forget something really important. Life and fate may be the least expected; an exam you weren't ready for and you just got A with no enough preparations, being a loser in a  situation you are already deep involved and suddenly you make some strange and idiot-like action that turn the things into your favor, or even finding some hidden money in your pocket that  you have totally forgotten for a long time to just come out and surprise you at j…

Loudy thoughts of tonight

Now it's night, it's time to sleep but as most of the people, sleeping has not come yet. It's okay, I don't mind having insomnia tonight too, maybe I need to think about a lot of things. Thinking itself is all my duty in life these days. I was going along a very long road, along that road, I faced many problems, as I was walking I was shutting off some thoughts, don't try to make me hesitate, don't think about the end and the yield, many opportunities come from no where as long as you are still going, all these things was dominating and I was satisfied with the fact that I was moving. One day, things became hard, all the things I was leaning on while moving wouldn't come to my mind anymore, all the hesitation I was postponing came along at once and forced me to stop walking. I couldn't go anymore, I just felt weakness all over my mind and my soul and consequently my body. I stopped and it was a firm and a sudden decision. I was surprised at myself that …